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Welcome to QuantumTalks with Sapph

Hello and welcome to QuantumTalks.

I’m Sapph, a PHD student in quantum physics. Unfortunately, there are way too much interesting topics in quantum physics for me to fit them all into one PhD…

In this series of essays and blogs, I’m going to explore the things I find exciting and mind-blowing – I’ll look at the smallest parts of science and break them down piece by piece…hopefully without any explosive consequences.

I can’t wait to cover topics in quantum physics, philosophy, mathematics, and cosmology.

Find everything I’ve written in my archive. Don’t forget to check for new posts! S. x

Quantum Physics with Sapph

Sapphire Lally is a PhD researcher at the University of Surrey, studying decoherence in open quantum systems with the Quantum Biology Doctoral Training Centre. Her interests outside of her research include philosophy of physics, quantum gravity, and pure mathematics.

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